2022 – The Lightning Kawatan

Filipino Intercultural Society of Drexel University


  • Theme: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • Description: Parker Jayan lived an ordinary, usual life until one day on a school field trip, she was attacked by a strange monster, accusing her of being a thief, a lightning thief! Falsely accusing of stealing from Revenador, god of thunder and lightning, and brought to a camp of demi-gods for safety, Parker learns of her roots as the daughter of Magwayan, goddess of the sea. While discovering her powers and making friends at the camp, she is struck with news that her human mother had been kidnapped by Sitan, god of the underworld, and will only be released if she gives Sitan the lightning bolt. With new friends Gregorio and Angelica, the trio go off on a journey of beaches, warriors, and casinos to save Parker’s mom and to clear her name. Join them on this crazy journey in FISDU’s Barrio Fiesta, The Lightning Kawatan!
  • Date: Saturday, May 14th


  • Co-chairs: Sophie Redila and Caitlin Flores
  • Committee Heads
    • PR Chairs: Kyla Gardiola and Nick Barbieri Jr.
    • Dance Chairs: Sophie Redila and Caitlin Flores
    • Props Chairs: Jake Van Dine, Kai Thompson, and Max Maser
    • Scripts Chairs: Eiara Fajardo and Maya Duberstein
    • Sound Chair: Miguel “Kiwwi” Geniza
    • Commercials Chairs: Justin Yin and Kobe Rocero
    • Documentation Chair: Sarah Pineda
    • Graphics Chair: Andre Pak
    • Finance/Food Chair: Jamie Dabu
    • Facilities Chair: Aaron Alquiros

Meet the Co-Chairs

Sophie Redila
Caitlin Flores