2020 – Inside Out: A Barrio Fiesta

Filipino Intercultural Society of Drexel University


  • Theme: Inside Out
  • Description:  A story about 13-year-old Riley dealing with the emotions of moving from the Philippines to the United States. In this case, her emotions are personified in Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger who help influence her choices via a control console. Along with Riley, they struggle to adjust to the move: being self-conscious about her accent, not being with her friends or her dance team, and general anxiety about moving away from home. Her emotions try to deal by lashing out, and it is only until they let Sadness take over that Riley’s parents share their emotions about moving and their reasoning behind trying to give Riley a better life than they did growing up.
  • Date: Saturday, May 9 (Cancelled)
  • Time:Dinner 6:00pm, show 7:30pm


  • Barrio Coordinator: Steve Tamayo
  • Barrio Secretary: Skylar Driscoll
  • Commitee Heads
    • PR Chairs: Anjiao Wetherhold
    • Dance Chairs: Ying St. Cerny and Kenny Arceo
    • Props Charis:  Cat Nguyen and Isa Santa Rosa
    • Script Chairs:  Chelsea Bello and Karla Manalac
    • Sound Chairs: Miguel “Kiwwi” Geniza
    • Commercial Chairs: Angela Jiang and Westin Tong
    • Documentation Chair: Alain Nguyen and Victoria Tran
    • Graphics Chair: Julie Arcala and Meredith Capuli
    • Culture Chair: Patrick Castillo
    • Finance/Food Chair: Aaron Alquiros
    • Facilities Chair: Ryan Viz

Meet the Barrio Coordinator