2018 – Princess and the Palaka: A Barrio Love Story

Filipino Intercultural Society of Drexel University


  • Theme: Princess and the Frog
  • Description: In the big city of Manila, Tiana dreams of opening her own restaurant. The path to her goal takes an unexpected turn when she meets Prince Enrique, who has been turned into a frog by Dr. Bautista. In an attempt to break the curse cast upon him by Dr. Bautista, Enrique kisses Tiana, thinking that she was an actual princess. However, this backfires and she turns into a frog as well. Together, the two go on a journey around the Philippines to find Lola Odie and reverse the curse…
  • Date: Saturday, April 28th
  • Time: Dinner 6:00pm, show 7:30pm


  • Co-chairs: Candace Ly, Ken Vu
  • Commercials: Patrick Castillo, Chelsea Bello
  • Documentation: Patrick Castillo, Frankie Chan
  • Dance: Rhea Mae Calubayan, Erica Hwang
  • Facilities: Chelsea Bello
  • Finance/Food: Sylvia Diep
  • Graphics: Jadeh Stevens-Smith
  • Props: Haley Lao, Jennifer Nguyen
  • Public Relations: Byron Zheng
  • Scripts: Chelsea Bello, Audrey Tibay
  • Sound: Justin Ponciano